Services We Offer

  1.       We offer all of the conveniences of the big chains without all of the hassle. Our staff will go above any beyond to fill your medications quickly and accurately. We are hear for you whenever you have questions, concerns, need advice or counseling. Mark and Melissa will always make time to make sure that you know just how much we appreciate your loyalty. Here are just a few of the many services that we provide at Mula Family Pharmacy and Gifts
  2.      Toot and Scoot: Are you sick, tired, hurting, elderly, disabled, have kids with you, or just don't feel like getting out of your car? Have no fear, we have a solution for you here at Mula's. Call us on your way or just toot your horn and we will run out to meet you. We want it to be as easy as possible for our customers.
  3.      Auto Refill:  We can automatically refill your medications each month or set new prescriptions to fill in the future when they are due.
  4.      Express Pay:  We can keep your health savings card, credit card, or debit card on your file for faster service when you check out.
  5.      Immunizations: We offer a variety of immunizations including: flu, pneumonia, shingles, Gardasil,  meningitis, tetanus, pertussis. Several shots are covered by Medicare and Medicaid. We bill all private insurances as well. Most immunizations are covered with little to no copay on most plans. We just have to run it through your insurance before we know if it is covered on your plan.
  6.      Flavor Rx:  Are you tired of fighting with your kids over taking yucky tasting meds? We can flavor their medication for an additional $2.99. Most over the counter and prescription medications can be flavored with our state of the art flavoring system. There is a formula behind the flavor rx system to make it the best possible taste without effecting the potency of the medication.
  7.      Complete Medication Review:  Our staff may call you periodically to go over any and all of your health issues. We want to know everything that you are taking and how you are feeling on your medication. Are you having any side effects or adverse reactions or just not feeling like this medication is helping you? Let us help  be the mediator between you and your doctor. We can make recommendations to your doctor to help you feel better or to even find a cheaper alternative. Let us know if you ever stop taking a medication or if you aren't taking it like your doctor prescribed.
  8.      Community Service:   Mark and Melissa are committed to giving back to the community and getting to know our customers. Mark is a board member of Patient Services Inc. It is a non profit, charitable organization that assists patients with expensive premiums and copays with chronic illnesses. We are currently working on a 340 B project with Abbeville General to assist those in Vermilion Parish that are in need of less expensive medications.
  9.      Meds to Beds:  We are currently working on being the first pharmacy in Abbeville to team up with Abbeville General to deliver your medications to your bedside as your are being discharged from the hospital.
  10.      Card your medications:  Once we sync up all your medications to have them fill at the same time each month, we can card them all together for you in one multi dose monthly pack. We specialize it your your morning medications, noon, as needed, and nightly medications.
  11.      Nursing Homes and Assisted Living:  We can fill all your loved ones medications and we deliver to the facilities in town.

Last Updated: 5/31/2017